It’s just a couple Brownies…


Welp, I did it. I joined the Girl Scouts as an adult Troop Leader. I’ve got a co-leader and my training is complete. Next is an informal interview and then I’ll be getting my troop number and list of girls.

My mom was my leader from K through 8th grade and I loved it. I hope to give my daughter a lot of the same experiences in life that I was luck enough to have.

Man, I think I just jumped off the deep end though.  I really hope I didn’t bite off more than I can chew! 🙂

My daughter is beyond exited. She wants to meet RIGHT NOW! I, however, am ready for a bit more prep than that. I’m going to get everyone on an email list, chat with parents, figure out when works and get things started.

I’m so happy to have an energetic and bubbly co-leader who can help me keep these girls on some sort of track. I can’t wait to see what they want to do and where we can go. I, of course, have already thought of MANY ideas, but I just need to get them all organized and see what the girls actually have in mind.

Any advice for the new leader?


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