Brownie Troop Investiture

Wow, I haven’t updated in awhile! My apologies! I’ve been hard at work on a website project for my friends carpet cleaning business, working a full time job and getting ready to get my list of girls for the new Brownie troop we’ve formed here. I also managed to volunteer myself for the Communications Coordinator position here in our service unit! Things are about to get very interesting.

I’m getting things together to start our meetings, and of course first we need a parent meeting and a first meeting with the girls, but one of my favorite things from my Girl Scouting days was the investiture or bridging ceremonies!

I was trying to find a stock certificate to give each girl when it came to that time and just couldn’t find one! So I made one!

Check out the results below:

Brownie Girl Scout Investiture Certificate

Brownie Girl Scout Investiture Certificate

If you want one customized for your girls, just let me know! I’d gladly help out 🙂

More later! CIAO!

UPDATE: I’ve had so much interest in this project. Please click the links below for the MS Publisher template. Also below is a copy of the Girl Scout Omnes font. I do not have rights to this, I found it as a free download on someone elses blog. Download at your own risk. Thank you.

Publisher Template:
Omnes Font Download:


24 thoughts on “Brownie Troop Investiture

  1. Hello, I absolutely love the girl scout certificate you made. ive been looking for hours for one to print out for my girls. Can I use your template? only problem is our ceremony is tomorrow night!! I have never been on a blog before, can you please just email me directly at
    Thanks Leigh

  2. Hi! I helped form our first Brownie troop in Sofia, Bulgaria and it’s my first year as a scout leader and now am thinking about the end of the year ceremony. I love your certificate, can I get the template? It’s absolutely awesome and the girls would love it! We are troop # 2. My email is Thanks! and you are so creative and make beautiful stuff!! love it! Ana

  3. OMG! I love your template! I’ve been searching the web for days for something. Is there a way we can customize it. I’d love to use it for our re-dedication ceremony as well as investiture. My email is Great job. Oh… and are ceremony is on Sunday! I’m totally stressing out!
    Thanks in advance if you are able to email it!

  4. Could you please send me your template for our troop to use at our bridging ceremony this weekend? My e-mail is

    Thanks for doing this! There aren’t any free ones out there and although our troop worked really hard on their first cookie sale this year, you know how those profits go: not enough for extras like paying for bridging certificates. 😦

  5. Actually, nevermind: using your beautiful design, I made my own. Thanks for the inspiration and beautiful design!

    Please let me know if it is not okay to share your design. I have put my version (which is a Word doc) out for people to use for their troops, with credit to you for the design. You can see it here. Again, please let me know if you want me to take it down, or change the wording about it being your work. My intention is not to steal your work, just to make other leaders’ jobs easier wherever I can. 😉

  6. Do you have this document in a pdf format? I just started a new troop #610 and just had our first troop meeting. Our investiture is in a few days and I love your layout. I have been scouting pintrest for many ideas to do throughout the year. I’m glad troop leaders can come together and share ideas for each to use. I’m not too computer savy and wondered if you could help me out with an investiture certificate. My e-mail address is ~you are by far the best allowing us to use your certificate. Thanks so much for your hard work. Much appreciated.

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