Online Portfolio/Resume

Rachel Taculad

Rachel Taculad

Online Portfolio/Resume

I have launched my online resume today! Let me know your comments/thoughts.


Social Media Done Right

A week or so ago I spoke with the amazing Erin Prus with Rent Manager about our marketing and social media campaigns at work. She did an amazing write up of our company and the work I’ve done and I’m so proud, I just want to share!

Click here for the article on Rent Manager’s Blog.

A Marketing Makeover: Mission Hills Luxury Apartments

Case Study: E.P. Properties

Case Study: E.P. Properties

Mission Hills Case Study

The company I work for and my marketing efforts for that company were featured today in the Rent Manager Marketing Blog (Rent Manager is a property management software that is nationally used, if you do property management this is a GREAT product! I highly recommend it.)

Modern Résumé Update

We last night’s Résumé update seems to have gone well. I need to make some, as I seem to be long winded in the descriptions but for the most part I’m enjoying the look/feel of it now. I’d love some input!


2013… The Year of Intention


So, we’re a mere 11 days into 2013. The past month in my life has been filled with a lot of feelings of unease, dissatisfaction and wanting for change. Just before Christmas I set myself some pretty lofty goals. 

To list a few:

1. Jog/Run a 5k by end of summer (no easy feat for my whole 202 lb body, let me tell you.)

2. Launch a career in Web Development and Social Media Marketing (at which point I knew nothing beyond a few HTML codes I used back in the MySpace days… Let’s not get started there…)

3. Take control. Follow through. Get Involved. Live life more IN life. Just BE a better person for my kids, myself and my family.

4. Establish and maintain a healthy eating regime. NO MORE CARB OVERLOADS. (mostly lol)

5. Spend more quality time with both my kids, they are just growing too dang fast.
I don’t want to call these resolutions, as they have been on my mind and heart for many months now and in the process for just as many. However, 2013 is going to be MY year and NOTHING is going to hold me back.

Three weeks after setting these goals I have lost 4 lbs, made it to the gym 2x a week (not ideal but I’m getting there!), taken several courses in CSS & HTML 5, purchased a domain and established hosting for an on-line portfolio, sought out two new first time clients for my portfolio, and spent time hiking with, playing with, and just enjoying my kids. 

So, this is me inviting you to join me in my goals, my trails, my challenges. My motivation to change my life is high and I cannot wait to be well on my way and see the physical changes that are to come.

Please join along, and if you wish, share your goals with me! I’m going to need all the motivation I can get!