DIY Chalk Jars- Another Project I’m going to try

Tutorial HERE


My Next Project: DIY Burlap Ruffle Lamp Shade

My Next Project: DIY Burlap Ruffle Lamp Shade

A ruffled lamp shade in burlap and lace will be my next project. A quick tutorial here but I think I’ll stitch my burlap on and use some lace ruffles in between layers. I can see it in my head. Can you?

Tree Murals

How to make tree murals: Tree Murals– a great list 🙂

I’m thinking of making a picture/scrap-booked version of this up my stairwell in my apartment. Thoughts?

This is the one I’m thinking of for my stairwell

I’d love some ideas from you!

A New Dresser for Meghan… Sorta..

ImageI’ve had this sad little dresser sitting around the house for a while. It has so much potential but I’ve never done anything with it. (That’s sort of a trend in my house actually.) It started out as a garage sale find of my mom’s back in early 2002 or so. In 2003 when Grandma moved in with them, mom lined it with some floral contact paper and Grandma used it as a night stand and dresser. Most recently however, it’s been sitting in my son’s room virtually unused. Someday I hope it’ll be for fabric or craft stuff in my own office/studio but alas today it needed a new life!


My sister Meghan is coming to live with us in a few weeks and I have nothing really for her to put her things in or furniture of any sort for her really. So here comes this sad little dresser. I was looking at it and thought it really could use some cheer.

I have TONS of scrapbooking paper but thought of a set of paper specifically in purples, blues and greens with knights, castles, stars and more fairy tale fun on it!


I  got some pretty contact paper at the dollar store for the inside, and pulled out my favorite bottle of Modge Podge and all the purple colored paper to go along with these two I could find!

Two hours later and the final project came out pretty good. I doubt this will be the final changes to this dresser but it should serve Meghan pretty well while she lives here.


It’s a mystery… Quilt.

A few weeks ago my best friend Fifi had a great idea. When I say great, I might actually mean crazy. Yes, crazy, that’s the right word. It started with this little gem arriving on the front seat of my car…Scary Directions..

$40 later, I am enrolled for this class. This coming January 26th at 8am, I will join her at Good Sheppard for a day of sewing this. Fifi and I took a trip to Craft Warehouse and picked up a beautiful Jelly Roll of mod fabric and a beautiful button theme background.


Next came the directions… I’ve never seen something so complicated in my life! Oh my goodness. Even the name of the quilt seems to be “All Tangled Up”, boy does that sound accurate! “A” fabric should contrast “B” fabric and “M” should contrast “A” and “B” while “C” should only contrast “B”…  I got a little graph to put scraps of the fabric on, to keep track of which fabric is which letter. (Does this sound as crazy to you as me?!) So I put them all in little stacks, to get them in their “neighborhoods”, as instructed.

This is where we are at now:


The strips on the left are to be all sewn together in 3 groups of 10 each… then the squares in the middle are to be cut into about 10 different size squares and strips before the class on the 26th. Between my full time job, new workouts and career goals, this will be close to a miracle if i complete it! ha! Wish me luck and I’ll post more about the process soon!

Creative Pay-It-Forward

A few of my friends have approached with this idea. What do you think? Would any of you like to do this with me?

Mama Chitchat

My friends have recently been posting the same Facebook status below:

“2013 Creative Pay-It-Forward: The first 5 people to comment on this will receive, from me sometime within this calendar year, a gift – perhaps a book, baked good, music, hand-made goodie, or other surprise! There will likely be no warning. It’ll happen when the mood strikes. The catch? Those 5 people must make the same offer. Happy New Year!”

So after a few days, I finally commented on a friend’s status. I think it is a really cute idea! Can’t wait to see what kind of “gift” I receive. The person I responded to is very crafty, so I’m very excited. Stay tuned…

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