Social Media Done Right

A week or so ago I spoke with the amazing Erin Prus with Rent Manager about our marketing and social media campaigns at work. She did an amazing write up of our company and the work I’ve done and I’m so proud, I just want to share!

Click here for the article on Rent Manager’s Blog.

A Marketing Makeover: Mission Hills Luxury Apartments


Case Study: E.P. Properties

Case Study: E.P. Properties

Mission Hills Case Study

The company I work for and my marketing efforts for that company were featured today in the Rent Manager Marketing Blog (Rent Manager is a property management software that is nationally used, if you do property management this is a GREAT product! I highly recommend it.)

A New Dresser for Meghan… Sorta..

ImageI’ve had this sad little dresser sitting around the house for a while. It has so much potential but I’ve never done anything with it. (That’s sort of a trend in my house actually.) It started out as a garage sale find of my mom’s back in early 2002 or so. In 2003 when Grandma moved in with them, mom lined it with some floral contact paper and Grandma used it as a night stand and dresser. Most recently however, it’s been sitting in my son’s room virtually unused. Someday I hope it’ll be for fabric or craft stuff in my own office/studio but alas today it needed a new life!


My sister Meghan is coming to live with us in a few weeks and I have nothing really for her to put her things in or furniture of any sort for her really. So here comes this sad little dresser. I was looking at it and thought it really could use some cheer.

I have TONS of scrapbooking paper but thought of a set of paper specifically in purples, blues and greens with knights, castles, stars and more fairy tale fun on it!


I  got some pretty contact paper at the dollar store for the inside, and pulled out my favorite bottle of Modge Podge and all the purple colored paper to go along with these two I could find!

Two hours later and the final project came out pretty good. I doubt this will be the final changes to this dresser but it should serve Meghan pretty well while she lives here.