Parent Handbook for Brownies Troop

Parent Handbook for Brownies Troop

Our troop is just starting to meet so I made this little handbook template for our parents. It’s got most of the information they need and some great tips!


Brownie Troop Investiture

Wow, I haven’t updated in awhile! My apologies! I’ve been hard at work on a website project for my friends carpet cleaning business, working a full time job and getting ready to get my list of girls for the new Brownie troop we’ve formed here. I also managed to volunteer myself for the Communications Coordinator position here in our service unit! Things are about to get very interesting.

I’m getting things together to start our meetings, and of course first we need a parent meeting and a first meeting with the girls, but one of my favorite things from my Girl Scouting days was the investiture or bridging ceremonies!

I was trying to find a stock certificate to give each girl when it came to that time and just couldn’t find one! So I made one!

Check out the results below:

Brownie Girl Scout Investiture Certificate

Brownie Girl Scout Investiture Certificate

If you want one customized for your girls, just let me know! I’d gladly help out 🙂

More later! CIAO!

UPDATE: I’ve had so much interest in this project. Please click the links below for the MS Publisher template. Also below is a copy of the Girl Scout Omnes font. I do not have rights to this, I found it as a free download on someone elses blog. Download at your own risk. Thank you.

Publisher Template:
Omnes Font Download:

It’s just a couple Brownies…


Welp, I did it. I joined the Girl Scouts as an adult Troop Leader. I’ve got a co-leader and my training is complete. Next is an informal interview and then I’ll be getting my troop number and list of girls.

My mom was my leader from K through 8th grade and I loved it. I hope to give my daughter a lot of the same experiences in life that I was luck enough to have.

Man, I think I just jumped off the deep end though.  I really hope I didn’t bite off more than I can chew! 🙂

My daughter is beyond exited. She wants to meet RIGHT NOW! I, however, am ready for a bit more prep than that. I’m going to get everyone on an email list, chat with parents, figure out when works and get things started.

I’m so happy to have an energetic and bubbly co-leader who can help me keep these girls on some sort of track. I can’t wait to see what they want to do and where we can go. I, of course, have already thought of MANY ideas, but I just need to get them all organized and see what the girls actually have in mind.

Any advice for the new leader?

Mr. Molly


Mr. Molly is our cat. He is an orange tabby, which I’ve been told is a good indicator of how crazy He is… I’m starting to believe this theory.

Admittedly, I am not the biggest fan of Mr. Molly, I could take him or leave him I’ve pretty much decided over the past 16 months or so that we’ve had him. My kids on the other hand, they love this cat. They throw him around, lay on him, body slam him, (I’ve even seen my 3 yo bite him, eek ) and basically treat poor Mr. Molly like a fat furry rag doll. That is, until Mr. Molly retaliates by biting, scratching or otherwise attacking my never resting 3 year old or 7 year old, then it’s “MOM!!!!” in that terrible shrieking, I’m dying scream that ever Mom reading this is wincing at right now in their heads. You know the one.
Well recently Mr. Molly has taken to escaping between my legs at every arms full of juggling groceries, a preschooler and my purse opportunity He can find. Most recently his escape resulted in 24 hours of freedom for a unsuspecting Mr. Molly. He came back starving, for not only bowls of water and food but attention as well. He hasn’t left our sides since He returned Sunday night. In fact, I can barely cross a room without tripping on his chubbiness.

However,. found myself worried about the little bigger when He was gone. Seems he’s growing on me, I dare say. I’m glad to report He is curled up at the foot of my bed with little Kitty snores coming from his nose as I type this.

Funny how he was no bigger than my hand when we found him summer before last, He just “fit” right in with the kids. I think Isaiah thinks He actually is a sibling. Funny how a little cat,who’s grown so chubby, can make such an impact on a family. 😉

But now they keep asking for a dog….