My Next Project: DIY Burlap Ruffle Lamp Shade

My Next Project: DIY Burlap Ruffle Lamp Shade

A ruffled lamp shade in burlap and lace will be my next project. A quick tutorial here but I think I’ll stitch my burlap on and use some lace ruffles in between layers. I can see it in my head. Can you?


My Project of the day.. The CRAFT ROOM…

Transformation: Disaster Zone to Functional Beauty 


Today’s project was the craft “room”. Since moving, a year ago this past August… so August 2011… to our new apartment in Vancouver, I de-constructed our craft space in our last place and moved it into a sort of ‘storage” mode here. It just never became a priority. It resulted in the quite the chaos in both my crafting table area and my closet space.


The fabric and supplies for my quilting, costume making, scrap-booking and more were shoved in every nook and cranny I could find. The boxes were never really unpacked, they just got dug through when I needed something or just avoided all together. Sadly, not much has gotten done in the last 17 months since our move in the craft realm  I’ve had a few great projects but nothing to the magnitude of what was done before.

So today was the day. My mom came by to help out with the project. We moved everything out of the “Harry Potter” closet up to the loft which is half craft area and half my daughter’s room (this space is huge, think 25 ft long..). I’m so grateful to Mom for helping out since my neck is still super sore (ugh!) and she wasn’t feeling great either. But together we got it done!

The finished product:


I hung some great little burlap flags I made back before Christmas above the area and put two Raggedy Anne dolls my Grandma gave my daughter before her death.


My mom showed up with the great bobin holder she had gotten many years ago at a quilting expo with my grandma. She said a little man was making them and selling them for $23.  I remember it hanging in my parents house as long as I can remember. I’m so happy to have it now 🙂 Image

This is now a great functional space and my daughter has already spent about 2 hours creating paper doll dresses out of all the scrap-booking paper we found. I can’t wait to see all the projects that will come out of this space!

Happy Crafting!

It’s a mystery… Quilt.

A few weeks ago my best friend Fifi had a great idea. When I say great, I might actually mean crazy. Yes, crazy, that’s the right word. It started with this little gem arriving on the front seat of my car…Scary Directions..

$40 later, I am enrolled for this class. This coming January 26th at 8am, I will join her at Good Sheppard for a day of sewing this. Fifi and I took a trip to Craft Warehouse and picked up a beautiful Jelly Roll of mod fabric and a beautiful button theme background.


Next came the directions… I’ve never seen something so complicated in my life! Oh my goodness. Even the name of the quilt seems to be “All Tangled Up”, boy does that sound accurate! “A” fabric should contrast “B” fabric and “M” should contrast “A” and “B” while “C” should only contrast “B”…  I got a little graph to put scraps of the fabric on, to keep track of which fabric is which letter. (Does this sound as crazy to you as me?!) So I put them all in little stacks, to get them in their “neighborhoods”, as instructed.

This is where we are at now:


The strips on the left are to be all sewn together in 3 groups of 10 each… then the squares in the middle are to be cut into about 10 different size squares and strips before the class on the 26th. Between my full time job, new workouts and career goals, this will be close to a miracle if i complete it! ha! Wish me luck and I’ll post more about the process soon!